The great eclipse is over, so now what?

On Monday, the visual display of the Sun being totally hidden by the Moon with just a ring of light indicating its presence, was truly spectacular. But just like a throbbing sun burn after a day at the beach, the psychological impact of the eclipse could be with us for much longer.

Patience is the name of the game. Before we decide just what blessings or revelations the Total Solar Eclipse may or may not have brought us, we need to be patient.

If we define success by our expectations and initial experiences, we may be disappointed. But in the long run, the final result may look very different and even better than what we imagined.

Inspiration must be translated into action and grounded into form on the physical plane.

So now that we have taken the time to observe this huge outward astronomical event – it is also the perfect time to reflect inward upon ourselves and observe what areas of our lives that need to be addressed or worked on – even purged – in order to make room for this new cosmic energy.

Let’s get to work!

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Peace, Love, and Light,

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