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The Magic of Halloween

These days, Halloween is filled with costumes, parties, candy, and adorable ‘trick or treaters’ going door to door – making great fun for kids and adults alike! The roots of Halloween or All Hallows Eve date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhaim (pronounced sow-in) which roughly translates to Summer’s End. The end of […]

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The great eclipse is over, so now what?

On Monday, the visual display of the Sun being totally hidden by the Moon with just a ring of light indicating its presence, was truly spectacular. But just like a throbbing sun burn after a day at the beach, the psychological impact of the eclipse could be with us for much longer.

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Take Hold & Harness The Powerful Thunder Moon

Welcome major change during this Saturday night’s full moon in Capricorn! Empowered by Pluto, it will be a potent full moon with potentially charged energy. This can be transformational by creating surprising new openness. This could also precipitate a turning point, so be expecting something profound – be ready to welcome major change into your […]

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