Regulus: The Heart of the Lion Prince

Four Royal Stars also known as the four Archangels of the sky have been prominent in astrology. The Persians believed the four royal stars guarded the four districts which were representative of the four seasons.

As the Watcher of the North, Regulus is associated with royalty and high position, indicating one who is trusted and reliable, welcoming the Summer Solstice.

Regulus is the faintest of the first-magnitude stars brilliance but not of importance. It is found in the constellation of Leo and means ‘Little King’ or ’The Heart Of the Lion’.

Ancient Customs of the Summer Solstice in England were to light large bonfires to provide light to revelers and ward off evil spirits.  It was known as ‘setting the watch’. People jumped through fires for good luck and wandered from bonfire to bonfire. Traditional players dressed as a unicorn, a dragon, and six hobby-horse riders and participated in dances. Many rituals consisted of divining a future lover.

We encourage you to try our ritual to make a Flower Essence:

What you’ll need:

• Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll
• clean glass bowl
• glass jar
• flowering plant
• brandy or vodka
• strainer
• scissors
• tincture bottles

With your Loa Voodoo Doll nearby, Take your glass bowl and fill with spring water.

Find your flowering plant growing in nature and ask the plant if you may use its essence for plant medicine. This will prolong the power of its bloom and give it extended life in this special purpose — they almost always say YES! Cut 3-5 full blooms from the plant and return home.

With Loa nearby, trim the plant stem just below the head of the flower. Place the flower temporarily on Loa. Then transfer the flower to a bowl of water.

With your Loa Voodoo doll, bless this water and state your intentions for this essence out loud. Set the bowl in a sunny area  for 3-6 hours. Strain the liquid into a glass jar. Fill a tincture bottle approximately 60% full with your flower essence, topping it off with Vodka or Brandy until full, preserving your flower essence. Enjoy and use daily. Plant medicine is powerful, as it bonds you and your Loa voodoo doll with nature, and brings you closer to your highest self.

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Peace, Love, & Light
Mekabre Team

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