New Moon Tea Ceremony

Image Source: Sagittarius Teapot, Wikisky

A magnetic New Moon on July 20 will see Saturn at Opposition, which according to NASA, means that the planet and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. Saturn, with its rings, will be as close to the Earth as it gets all year long and, during this night, will be fully illuminated by the Sun, and its face will beam the brightest during the year. Jupiter and Saturn appear in front of the constellation Sagittarius and Saturn east of Jupiter.

Sagittarius is the 15th largest constellation, lying between Capricornus to the east and Scorpius to the west. Sagittarius, positioned along the Milky Way, is located by following an imaginary line drawn through the Summer Triangle asterism until it terminates at the Teapot asterism in Sagittarius.

An asterism is a pattern of stars recognized on Earth’s night sky, is part of an official constellation, or can be composed of stars from more than one constellation. One of these asterisms evident in the constellation Sagittarius, lies next to a dense area of the Milky Way, where the brightest stars form the southern constellation Sagittarius. 

Through the night, Sagittarius moves down toward the southwestern horizon, and the Teapot is seen to tip forward, as the Milky Way appears as steam coming out of the spout of the Teapot and pouring hot tea on the tail of Scorpius.

The many faces of the constellation Sagittarius could be an example of the phenomenon of pareidolia, where the mind perceives a familiar pattern, but none exists. Stars of varying brightness are randomly scattered across the sky form the connect-the-dots type of images we recognize in the constellation.  

Tracing an Archer-Centaur from the stars of the Sagittarius constellation requires a little imagination, but visualizing it as a Teapot is quite easy and most predominantly portrayed on star charts.

While enjoying the new moon, look for the teapot asterism and try this tea ceremony ritual to pour some positivity into yourself and the environment.


-Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll
-Teapot with hot water
-Loose-leaf black tea
-Red candle and wind-proof lantern
-Blanket & Pillow
-Journal & Pen

After the sun has set, select a quiet and peaceful outdoor setting. Set up the ceremony by placing a blanket on the ground. Remove your shoes. Carefully light the candle and place the lantern next to your blanket. Add the tea to the hot water inside the teapot and let steep for a few minutes. Next, place your pillow comfortably on the blanket. If possible, collect a handful of wildflowers or leaves and create a little bed for your Loa Voodoo Doll. Place the doll on the little bed and then pour yourself a cup of tea. Take a few drops from the cup and anoint Loa’s heart with the tea.

Now lay back and enjoy a cup of tea under the stars with your Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll. Once settled and relaxed, try Scrying. Drink half a cup of tea and carefully discard the rest. Swirl the cup slowly in a circle several times and examine the tea leaves at the bottom of the teacup. What do you see? Large shapes? Small shapes? Animals? Dragons? Look at it as you would when you observe clouds, and see if there are any resemblances to everyday objects or pictures.

Sketch what you see in your journal and write down any emotions or feelings that come to mind.

Don’t have your Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll yet to be able to enjoy this ritual? You can get your original Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll HERE!

Peace, love, & light!

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