A new moon creates the perfect opportunity for letting go of the old and welcome in the new.

A new moon allows us to reflect on our past and to breathe new energy into our future. It is the perfect time to bid farewell to old baggage you are carrying around with you by letting go of toxic relationships and self-doubt. By clearing the path, you become open to new opportunities and exciting relationships that can pave the way to happiness and success.

A new moon is the perfect time to start creating positive change in your life.

For this ritual you will need:

– Loa Voodoo doll
– black candle (for banishing)
– green candle (for success and new ventures)
– paper and pen
– fireproof bowl or ashtray
– Incense of your choosing

Begin by lighting the incense and black candle. Take a few minutes to ground yourself by meditating with the doll directly in front of you, in your line of sight. Now think about situations or obstacles that have made you feel unworthy or that have deterred you from reaching your goals.

Next, ask Damballah, the Loa Spirit of renewal, for guidance to creating new beginnings and renewal. In Voodoo, Damballah rules the mind, intellect and of cosmic balance. His presence brings peace and harmony and is often depicted by a serpent – which symbolizes the process of regeneration and renewal – just like a snake sheds its old skin for a new one.

Take several deep breaths and when your mind is calm and centered, hold the doll in your hands and repeat out loud:

Life is an ever-changing twisting path. It turns and flows.
My journey has brought me thus far and I ready myself
for the next step.
I call upon the energies and powers of Damballa to guide
me on this new path.
Farewell to all things that have prevented me from
becoming the person I wish to be.

Set the doll in front of you and using the pen and paper, write down what has become stumbling blocks and has prevented you from achieving your goals. Write these items down with great thoughtfulness and intent. Now light the paper in the candle’s flame. Place the burning paper in the bowl or ashtray.

As you watch it burn, repeat out loud:

I send you away, far away from me, and far from my life.
You no longer have any influence upon me.
You are my past, and the past is gone.
I banish you, I banish you, I banish you.

After the paper has burned completely out, extinguish the black candle.

Next, light the green candle. Focus on the flame and this time, think about how you would like to grow and create your positive change. Concentrate specifically on things that you wish to embark on.

With an active voice and as you verbalize the requests you are sending, repeat the following out loud:

It is a time for change. It is time to begin anew.
It is time to be a new person, strong, secure and confident.
This is what I will achieve.
I ask Damballa for guidance and assistance.
I send my request out into the skies and into the heavens.
I know that I am becoming a better person.

When you are finished, take a few final moments to reflect and feel the new positive changes you are creating. Be sure to consider all tasks that will be required to bring about your new transition and change.

When finished, extinguish the candle and end the ritual.

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