Do you have something that is negatively affecting your life? Use the power of the full moon on Wednesday, May 14th to release the negative patterns from your life.

This Full Moon in Scorpio calls for us to gather our courage and take action that will enable us to move forward and manifest positive change in our lives.

To perform this ritual, you will need:

– Floating candles
– Large bowl
– Water
– Matches or lighter
– Permanent Marker

First, start by cleansing yourself in a warm bath using your favorite essential oil.

Smudge with sage or sandalwood incense to cleanse your environment.

If possible, sit on the floor in the full moonlight – allow yourself to feel the energy being emitted from the moon.

Next, ground yourself. Do a simple breathing exercise. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath and as you breathe in, relax your belly and let it expand… as you breathe out, feel your belly sink back down… with each breath you take you become more relaxed… now take in another deep breath and as you exhale, let all heaviness and tension leave your body. open your eyes and see yourself being surrounded with the brilliant white light from the moon.

Place the large water-filled bowl in front of you.

Take the candle and write on it what you wish to release. It’s not important that it shows up clearly, just that the intention is there.

Place the candle into the bowl and declare out loud what you are releasing.

Light the candle as you focus on the flame. Allow yourself to feel the transfer of what you’re releasing to the candle. The flame symbolizes the sparks of inspiration and will help purify your intension.

Allow the candle to burn out naturally to symbolize letting the go process.

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