Happy Eclipse Season!!

Tonight a fantastic portal of energy opens up with the Lunar Eclipse at 11:10PST/2:10EST. Expect heightened sensitivity and lots of emotion to surface. This is a time to purge toxic relationships and get clear on what you want in your life now because by the time the Solar Eclipse on 8/21 comes around — you’ll want to be as laser focused as possible!

Be TRUE to yourself and embrace the unexpected!

To help get yourself focused, use this Mekabre ritual to clear out negativity and any old relationships that no longer serve you:


Items Needed:

– Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll
– 2 bowls (1 for water, 1 for collecting ashes)
– 1 white candle
– pen and paper

Clear your energy by imagining yourself standing under a waterfall — allowing all negative energies to be washed away. Smudge with sage or incense to clear your space. Light the candle and fill one of the small bowls with water.

Write what you wish to release from your life on the piece of paper. Sign and date the page.
Take a deep breath deep into your heart and declare, “I am now ready to let this go. And it is so.”

Place the piece of paper over the candle flame and ignite your page. Place the burning paper in the bowl and watch the flames consume what you are releasing taking care to not let the flame burn your fingers. As it extinguishes, watch the smoke take your intention up and out into the Universe.

Rinse your fingers in the bowl of water to cleanse off any negative energy to allow new positive energy to enter and spark your inner inspiration.

Remember, even if the eclipse is not viewable from your location; you can take advantage of its power and energy. It’s out there and happening – so make the most of it!

Embrace positive, sacred energy and release the negative energy, which no longer serves you. Communicate with your higher realm and discover hidden realities along the path of your destiny.

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Peace, Love, and Light,

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