Take Hold & Harness The Powerful Thunder Moon

Welcome major change during this Saturday night’s full moon in Capricorn! Empowered by Pluto, it will be a potent full moon with potentially charged energy. This can be transformational by creating surprising new openness. This could also precipitate a turning point, so be expecting something profound – be ready to welcome major change into your […]

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A Midsummer’s Eve… Summer Solstice

As we enter into the astrological sign of Cancer, we celebrate Summer Solstice with its nurturing emotional connections. Flowers are in bloom and love is in the air. Unveil your love and enjoy the energy as the earth revolves around the sun. Celebrate the rituals and bask in the sunlight! Solstice is derived from the […]

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Profound energies prevail as June’s Full Moon proves to be intense. This Full Moon will reach its fullest phase in the early morning sky of June 9th. Smaller than most full moons, it’s been called a “mini-moon” because it appears 14% smaller than super moons and is slightly less luminous than the average full moon. It is also known as a Strawberry Full Moon by natives due to the time of year when strawberries are ready for picking.

Significant planetary interactions occuring during this impassioned full moon in fiery Sagittarius, sprout themes of positivity and hopefulness. It is a time to gather and plant the seeds you’ve harvested earlier this spring. Emotional adjustments can be fine-tuned or completed in response to the goals of the last New moon. With this lunar energy, discard worries and anxieties and realign your priorities while being aware of your beliefs and ideals.

Bask in the synchronicity of the full moon energy and make a wish! Immediately manifesting a purposeful idea or inspiration can be a promising first step. Don’t miss your opportunity or lose inspiration by waiting. A lunar opposition to Mars could create a resistance to take action. Align your desires with action and make the most of it.

Although there is some fervent energy associated with this Full Moon, it can be healing and regenerative as if coming into the light from the darkness. Interpret this as growing into your best self, healing from past wounds and returning to inspiration and hope. Return clarity to your thoughts and feelings by carving out the weak links in your mind. We need to stop defending and protecting what is not working. Act on your desires by opening your heart to lots of love, growth and joy! Plant a seed today. Don’t wait!

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Peace, love & light,
The Mekabre Team

Toby Cote

May 10, 2017

May’s Full Moon falls on the 10th/11th in the watery sign of Scorpio and holds extremely powerful and potent energy.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness and has the potential to reach divine levels of consciousness, but at the same time, it also has the ability to reach extremely low levels of consciousness as well.

No matter where you fall on the “consciousness spectrum” it is likely that this Full Moon is going to leave a lasting impact. It is also likely that this Full Moon is going to help open your consciousness to a new level so you can see things in a different light.

May’s Full Moon is going to represent a turning point in the year and an opportunity to really embrace and accept any recent changes. It is also going to bring about a powerful transformative shift that will really allow you to move forward.

Transformation is going to occur under this Full Moon and everyone is going to feel it on some level. Strength, balance and ambition are heightened and we should be prepared to tap into this abundant energy as our momentum moves fully forward.

If you have been needing to remind yourself of this, if you have been needing to connect within and tune into that inner power, this Scorpio Full Moon is going to be the perfect time to do it.

To make the most of this full moon, do this ritual with your Mekabre Loa Voodoo doll. Strike a match and light a candle. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon onto the doll’s heart while envisioning all the good things coming your way. Be open to where the Universe is directing you and know that when you claim your power, there is no mountain too high or obstacle too difficult.

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Peace, love and light!

The Mekabre Team




Under the Love of a Pink Full Moon

April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon, but don’t expect it to look particularly pink. It is named after pink flowers called wild ground phlox, which bloom in early spring and become widespread throughout the U.S. and Canada this time of year. Take caution with pitfalls accompanying this full moon. Beware of karma […]

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“The full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly. It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions. Since the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Remember […]

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