About Us

The word Me‘käbre was originally used in medieval France to renounce one’s religion and the manner in which the dead should be properly commemorated. In English, it referenced the “dance of death” and then gradually was used more broadly to describe anything grim or gruesome.

Mekabre LLC is anything but grim or gruesome – we take a whimsical, light-hearted approach to our branding based on the real-life, deeply rooted, spiritual tradition of Voodoo.

Voodoo is a fusion of magical religious practices from Africa and Christianity that takes on different characteristics and emphases when practiced in various locations.

Based on these ancient practices, the Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll was created and designed by Kody Simmons and Toby Cote.

Loa is the cornerstone of the Voodoo religion. It is the “spirit” of Voodoo that aids the practitioner in certain aspects of life, such as success, sexuality, spirituality, health and even the afterlife. Each Loa has its own unique characteristics, likes, dislikes and special powers. They are often referred to as ‘good’ gods and could even be viewed as types of angels or guardians, as they seem to instill certain wisdom and truths in their human followers or callers when summoned.

“We wanted to create a voodoo doll as a tool to help people create positive change. We are very proud of our brand and what we have created and are excited to share it with you.“

Working across great physical distances, Kody and Toby collaborated on branding ideas and successfully created the Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll prototype.

Kody researched the history of the voodoo religion to help create the Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll, logo and graphics used on the coffin box packaging and spell cards.

Toby spent many hours researching the various voodoo spirits, rituals and spells to help create the foundation for the Mekabre Spell Cards.